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At Jacques Construction we get the job done right the first time. We believe construction should consist of quality craftsmanship that creates lasting value in any project. Jacques Construction is committed to maintaining our mission with all of our projects producing exceptional quality and value that are tailored to the individual needs of each customer's lifestyle.

It's easier than ever to build your dream home, or renovate your existing one ! Jacques Construction makes designing and building your new home or remodel an "absolute pleasure." You deserve the Experience, Quality, Integrity, and Customer Service that we provide for a great home building experience.

A great deal of knowledge goes into each project at Jacques Construction. We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction done with over 40 years of expert construction experience and countless on-site critiques. We have the edge and consistently seek proven quality for our clients. We put all our knowledge, ability and hard to work into all projects that demand top-notch expertise for a quality final product.

So remember as Bob Jacques always says “Quality doesn’t cost, it pays”.

John Jacques (son)
25 years experience
Frame to Finish
Structural Specialist
Bob Jacques (Dad)
44 years Experience
High End Residencial
And Commercial

Jacques Constrution Inc.

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